8 Reasons You Should Shop With Us

Get your pen, get some paper (if you donít have any, come see us) and let us list the reasons you should shop with us here at Baigents Office Products Depot.

  1. We are locally owned and operated – and the owners are on the shop floor! You can pop in and chat with any of our friendly team whenever you need to, and gain the advice you need whether you need a new office chair or the right ink for your printer, or you are on the hunt for any of the thousands of items we sell.
  2. We donít like to say noÖ we really donít. If we canít help you, we will find the person or company that can. We are helpful like that!
  3. Rapport. Good old fashioned values are what work for us here. We like to take the time to talk to our customers and find out how we can help them, build a relationship with them and go the extra mile each and every time. We know you have a choice and love that you choose us, so to show our appreciation we care about your custom in return.
  4. Service. We excel in it. We can get your stationery orders delivered throughout the day, often mere moments after you have placed the order. Plus our friendly staff are ready and waiting to help you where they can.
  5. Experience – scarily, between the two bosses Eddie and Grant, have more than 80 years of experience in this very industry! In fact, Grant was one of the founders of Blue Star Office Products all those years ago, and built it to a national brand. Now all his experience is used right here in Northland!
  6. Flat pack furniture can be assembled. Letís face it, no one likes flat pack apart from us, so we can sort that for you too!
  7. Our catalogue is super impressive and contains everything you need for your office, home or workplace – and can also be used as a paper weight as itís just that big!
  8. Because we are your one stop shop for all your stationery, office furniture and printing needs. Simple as that.

We hope to see you soon.