Finally, Furniture That Matches Your Office Colour Scheme

The traditional concepts that wooden furniture must be wood-coloured and composite furniture must be artificially coloured are a thing of the past. Today plastic laminate can be wood coloured, and wood-based office furniture products can come in steel, white and black tones.

Resene says the colour of the workplace affects our emotions which in turn affects our productivity and wellbeing. Resene’s colour consultant says grey and white as a main surface colour can be the perfect way to go if you accent it with green, blue, red yellow and orange around the place. Each colour affects the heart rate, mood and level of happiness in a person, especially people under the office ceiling for eight hours a day, and subtle colour accents prevent those white spaces from appearing too bland.

Baigents Office Products Depot in Whangarei offers these colour combinations through its range of desks, workstations, filing cabinets, chairs, storage, tables, whiteboards and everything else you would expect in an office.

Here are some of the latest additions to the range available in-store at Whangarei.

21st century modern tech colours

Those light greys and clean whites are currently found in the Ergoplan Silver and White range of desks, mobiles with lockable drawers, credenza, cupboards and bookcases. They sit in harmony with the colours of your computers, cables and walls. They come with slick surfaces and metal handles for that 21st century tech feel.

Also going with the chic minimalist colour styles are the Anvil Eclipse Desk, available in a black or a white frame, and the Cubit Mobile two and four drawer mobiles with wheels and a lockable drawer at the top.

Classic wood colour options for desks and cupboards

The Beech and Ironstone office ware options at Baigents come in a classic wood-topped desk style. The laminate on these desks references the colour of beech wood and the sides are dark, meaning handsome autumn and winter colours for a warm feeling in the office as the weather cools down. The Beech and Ironstone range includes bookcases, workstations, desks, cupboards and mobile. 

So: come in and visit us at 21-23 Commerce Street Whangarei, where in-store you can gather a few chairs, workstations and mobile drawers together and create a mock-up of the space you want to improve. The office furniture team at Baigents