Do you do it sitting down or standing up?

Desks – lately, there has been a lot of chatter about what many consider a relatively boring topic. The talk centres on the latest developments of standing desks.

With a large portion of back and shoulder issues largely blamed on poor posture at a workstation, the invention of standing desks came about in recent years to see if that could be combatted while also throwing in some other benefits too.

Between driving to work, sitting at our desks, driving home and then relaxing on the couch after dinner, we spend a lot of time on a daily basis sitting. You are most likely sitting while reading this!

The name says it all – the standing desk is a new phenomenon that sees you stand at your desk. No desk chair in sight. Recent studies in both New Zealand and abroad recommend the standing desk, can help with back and shoulder strain. Standing desks can help prevent those in sedentary roles from potentially developing metabolic issues while decreasing the risks associated with stroke and circulatory problems.

Best of all, many of the recent New Zealand study respondents reported feeling less fatigue, higher level of concentration and more energetic in their work through even a small increase in the time they spend at a stand up desk in comparison to a traditional sit-down desk environment.

Overall posture, good or bad, can determine whether your workstation (upright or traditional) works for you. The combination of your desk and your desk chair can make or break your back, both figuratively and literally.

Don’t buy just for aesthetics – talk to the professionals about what will work for you, your body and also to suit the décor of your work or home office space. Here at Baigents Office Products Depot, we offer a full range of workstations, executive desks, standing desks and desk chairs – and we know our products well.