The black and the colourful: Think ink!

Ink, cartridges, toner – whatever you call them, we have them, in fact we have hundreds of them for your inkjet or laser printer. Whatever shade of the rainbow you need, we can have it delivered to you in a jiffy.

Cyan, magenta, black or that beautiful golden yellow toners – we have exactly what you need for your machine. There is just nothing worse than waiting on that report for the boss to complete its print run and just as you near the finish line, the ink starts to fade out and the lines become blurred. Consider us your ink superheroes. We can get ink delivered to you promptly and you can get your report printed in high quality in no time at all.

Ink has undergone a big transformation in recent years, with more plant-based colours available now, leaving a smaller impact on our environment. Talk to us about your needs and we will have you covered.

Kyocera, Brother, Epson, Canon, HP and more – you name it, we will have it. Long before printers were invented, ink was used as an essential communication tool. Ink – it is something that is used on every printed surface and has been for hundreds of years. History shows that the first recorded uses of ink were as far back as the Chinese utilising it in the 23 century BC, with the Indians also showing use in the third millennium BC. These two Asian countries are still renowned for their use of ink today in many different ways and not always on paper!

So be part of the movement, use ink and use it well – but only use the good stuff. Don’t fall for cheap generic refills (that may void your printer’s warranty) from websites. Utilise the experts at your local Office Products Depot – Baigents! We know our stuff and our ink, call us today with your requirements or questions.